How To Do Transitions On TikTok?

TikTok has changed the entire game of video editing with its cool, unique, and stylish effects. Today, it’s all about making your videos attractive to catch the attention of the audience. Content creators on TikTok are now becoming more innovative by creating transition videos from one scene to another. TikTok offers around eight different transitions including Turn off the TV, turn on the TV, scroll, slip, vertical, horizontal, circle, and rotate. How can you do TikTok video transitions? If you’re interested in knowing, keep reading ahead. 

Steps To Do Transitions On TikTok

TikTok transitions are an interesting editing feature that is simple to do and gives impressive results. Follow these steps if you want to know how to do transitions on TikTok.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your device.Open TikTok On Your Device
  2. You will see the plus button in the center. Tap this button. 
  3. This will open your TikTok camera. You can either record a video or upload one.Open TikTok Camera
  4. Once your video is recorded, tap the effects button located at the end of the screen. It is represented by a timer button. Tap on Effects
  5. You will see a menu open up with several effects. From here select the “transition” option. Several transitions will appear on the screen bottom in form of circles.Tap On Transition
  6. Next, select the part of the video where you want to add the transition. The video timeline will be present. Tap and then drag the white pointer to the place where you want your transition. You may tap the video to play it and stop it where desired. Tap To Select Transition Effects For Repeated Use
  7. Select the transition effect that you want and click to insert it. You will see the colored square over the part of the video where you apply the transition. To give a more dramatic effect you can tap the effect twice for doubling it. Multiple transitions can also be applied to one video. Select The Transition Effect
  8. Now play the video with the play button. This will start your video and play it till the end. See the video. If you think you don’t like the transition, you can click the curved arrow located below the video to undo the effect and add another one. 
  9. When you have selected the transition effect you like, just click the save button located at the top-right corner.  Then you can post it to your TikTok. 

Transition videos on TikTok will help you in increasing TikTok Views because many users will view your TikTok Video and this will increase your TikTok followers and more TikTok Likes.

We have given you a simple way to do transitions on TikTok to make your videos more attractive and engaging for your audience. Following these simple steps, you are ready to make your transitions from one scene to the next. Nevertheless, if TikTok transitions aren’t what you want for your video, you can use a third-party app that gives more advanced options for transitions like jumping into a different outfit. Some popular third-party editing apps include Funimate, Beecut, Magisto, or Videos as well as several others. These apps are designed for editing TikTok videos. You can use these apps to add advanced transition effects to your videos. Regardless of what method of transitions you use, make sure to save your video and then upload it to your TikTok.