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Imagine your Instagram profile is followed by 1 000 000 people;
they like it, comment, engage.

You can easily sell your products or service, right?

After 10 years and more than 1000 projects in Social Media
Marketing we know how to get more followers and create a guide
to show you how to earn money on Instagram?


1 3 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

Why buy
Instagram Followeers?

2 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

What do you want
from Instagram?

3 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

How to choose
a very safe service?

4 1 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

Is it leageal to buy
Instagram followers?

5 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

Why Choose Us?


No other Social Media Strategy is more discussed in 2018.

The brands and Influencers are divided into two sides about its efficacy.
Fact is that “buy Instagram followers” (BIF) service is growing
every day. From a low-quality market, the BIF strategy improved.
The most prominent brands and the most popular bloggers made it.

They first bought Instagram followers because they wanted to
experiment. Then they bought likes,
and share, and more followers.

Over the time, sites selling bot or zombie accounts have remained at the bottom, but several social media companies who know how to get followers on Instagram have managed to offer a quality new service that does not promise miracles but significantly improves the presence of Instagram brands.5 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

Such sites are sought because Instagram has grown so much that it is
almost impossible for companies to keep their first places.

As an answer to the growing demand, they create a multilevel strategy that includes:
⦁ Unique content
⦁ Active and positive attitude
⦁ A great deal of followers


How buying Instagram followers works?

Buying Instagram followers has two sides:

Providing a targeted audience that is highly likely to respond positively to the messages you post.
It is like speaking with a microphone. More people will hear you and pay attention to what you say.

A long-term investment that raises the brand on a new level and binds it to a much larger audience 
It is like advertising on TV – you pay to become famous. The client’s engagement depends on the quality of the product you sell.

Generating social media revenue is not a new strategy, but BIF services have made it more productive, and like any other strategy you invest reasonably to double sales.

This is how buy active Instagram followers strategy work:

Increase your fame
Increases the popularity of brands by making their messages visible. When we talk about competitors the popularity is the key.

Build brand awareness
We return to ads on television because they can best be compared with buying Instagram followers (BIF) service.
They show the emotional value of the products they sell and create an emotional connection with the clients.

Spread your message within few minutes
Instagram’s algorithm is a complex system of rules that chooses which posts to show in the newsfeed.

Instagram analyzes which post is most liked, commented, shared, and discussed. That is a sign that the content is of quality. It takes the post as necessary for your followers and gives high priority to this content.

9 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

It is way better if that post receives likes and comments during the first minutes. It turns directly into a top post and is displayed on the newsfeed of your followers.

But there is another Instagram rule you need to know.

As much as liked, commented and shared the post is, it will not show up if your followers have never liked, shared or commented on a picture with a same or similar content.

That rule is related to the targeted followers you need into your account; not just real or active followers, but targeted. Only they will reach your message within few minutes.

Do not let people forget you

Very often, social media experts make a mistake called “cooling down the audience.”

What do we mean?

The group of your customers we call a hot audience – the people who use your products, like the posts, comment on the content, value the brand.

These followers are often neglected because the brand devotes all its time to attract new followers.

Very soon the hot audience forgets about the positive attitude that has been done and is cooling down.

10 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted


The problem is that the time is the most valuable business capital and time-saving strategies prove to be better than others when want to increase Instagram followers.

How can I buy Instagram followers?

BIF services are now too popular for this issue.

However, there are some things that you should consider before you make a final decision about best site to buy Instagram followers.

Compare at least two companies which offer BIF service and then buy.

How to recognize the right provider company quickly?
Real accounts
 Targeted followers
 Satisfaction guaranteed
 PayPal verified
 Online support
 Refund Policy
 Up to 24-48 hrs to deliver

*Deliveries in 30 min are not recommended. See below.

Should you buy Instagram Followers?

s - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

If you use Instagram as a personal profile with no connection to product or service – No.

If you use it to generate revenue – Yes.

When talking about a business account, we need to know that Instagram’s competition is great, because it’s popularity is higher than other commercial channels.

The brands are fighting to take the first place. If you do not, others do it.

They constantly invent and experience new strategies to reach more engage and clients.

To make sure you’ve found your right BIF strategy and you will not pay for something you do not need, we’ve created a list of questions to help.

If you have more questions, contact us on Skype: smmkart or [email protected] for advice.

What do you want from Instagram?

This is the first question every Influencer will ask you.

It’s good to know the answer before making any decision.


If you want to remind the customers about your brand but sell products offline, you must:
• post once every day
• show audience new products
• show your smiling staff
• show behind the scene pics
• experiment with the design
• post Christmas and Easter cards, etc.

If you want to make sales you have to do much more:
• increase new followers
• use hashtags
• show who you are
• what you can do
• what problems you can solve
• what values you can add to others’ lives
• what you sell

And Instagram is the right place. The time and money investment go back.

Does having many followers help my business?

You only have one chance to make an excellent first impression.

On Instagram, it is equal to the number of the followers your page has attracted.

5 1 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

For example, a talented tattoo artist with beautiful, grateful customers, quality content is wondering why there are no clients?

It is because of the numbers.

He has just 820 followers, and that is very few.

Before taking a decision, the person is looking for information on Social Media and Google.

If your Instagram has 820 followers and posts with 2 likes, that seems somewhat discouraging.

Your first impression is not satisficing.

Why shouldn’t you buy Instagram followers?

Like any business development strategy BIF strategy, has its Pros and Cons.

The false impression that BIF can give to new followers is its weakness. It can show you more significant than you are.

Customers accept that ads on TV can say what the brand wants but on Social Media, it can’t.

In our opinion, what we really need is to keep aware of the low-quality sites that sell bot-generated accounts.

Typically, such sites offer vast amounts at low cost and many bonuses like free Instagram likes.

They know that the zombie accounts are permanently deleted and bid more for free.

These “more for free” are the same numbers you lose on a daily basis from followers you paid for.

That is why our advice is: be careful!

How to choose a very safe service?

Look for the highest quality at the best price.

We call it – quantity with quality.

But how to measure the quality when no one knows it?

It is not exactly no one.


How qualitative your Instagram followers are?

There are some new tools available to determine whether the followers are fake or not.

Social Audit Pro – is paid but allows you a full audit of the follower’s quality you want to reach

Hype auditor – is a free trail tool and works best for brands with over 100 000 followers. Still isn’t 100% accurate, but it can give you a pretty similar view of an account’s follower breakdown.

15 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

If you don’t want to go so far, just be suspicious if you see:

• irrelevant or spammy comments on your competitor posts
• followers with no profile pictures and no posts are liking the content in the very first minutes.

It is not necessarily a zombie account but looks like it is.

16 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

Some brands believe they need more significant numbers of their followers.

Others believe that the Social Media signal as likes, comments and follows are significant.

We do run both strategies as there are profiles with no followers and they need to have a good start and engage with more audience.

Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

Buying followers don’t break any law.

Instagram consider services that automate followers to be spam
and a violation of their community guidelines.
That is why delivering of 10 000 to 30 min is not a good idea.

We advise to build a BIF strategy and go one step at a time and
turn the quantity into quality.

If you need our step by step guide,
see How to get Instagram to work for your business?

Can I get my account banned?

Instagram isn’t banning brands buying real followers, but fake ones could certainly hurt your chances of getting verified and increase your chances of getting suspended.

Check the what Instagram takes as spam:
(in generally – the pattern of a bot)

  • profile without activity – no likes, comments, and posts
  • spam-like excessively
  • spam-follow a bunch of people
  • posting the same comment over and over again

If your profile is a real one, and you post, engage, comment, your followers limit is not determined.

17 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted


What is the best place to buy Instagram followers and likes? /safe and legit/

To grow and optimize your Social Media accounts you need safe and legit company.

That is why we improve our service and products working with social media experts and do believe we are providing quality service to boost your business.

It up to you witch company or BIF strategy you will choose.

Keep in mind the SMMKart rule18 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

Always ask about real followers, targeted followers and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The SOCIALRANK or tools like it can help you to identify, organize, and manage your audience on Social Media.

It will be beneficial to:

  • manage and identify followers
  • help to know the audience
  • filter and categorize according to a variety of criteria
  • collect data about age, gender, and location

You need all that to increase your engagement.

How Long Does It Usually Take when I buy followers?

Some places will offer you up to 70 000 followers in 30 minutes.

We know this is possible but extreme.

We do not risk like that.

We keep the right way and increase our customer’s profiles with a BIF strategy step by step.

Add small reasonable numbers every day.

How to grow your Instagram following the right way?

There are several no-money strategies, but you need to give time and attention.

19 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

Use up to #12 hashtags!

We know Instagram allows 30 or more in a comment, but you don’t need it. Quality content and Hashtag finder tool (we use Tailwind)  are enough to reach new people within your niche.

If you are not happy with the result, run the BIF strategy and encourage your followers to be active as:

  • tag a friend
  • share fan pictures
  • answer questions
  • give advice
  • compare products
  • participate in a takeaway
  • win cool prizes

All these activities depending on you.

A lot of businesses use them and see the results – take time, but it’s worth it.

Another good idea is to use Hootsuite if you still do not.

The website can post directly on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. It allows schedule posts, and analyze the engagement.

20 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

How much does it cost?

On Instagram you do not pay just for advertising; you pay for CPM /cost per thousand impressions/. You could spend over $ 5 a CPM for a high performing post on Instagram per day.

Of course, the better the content is, the less you pay.

The quality content easily collects organic likes and comments.

How to Get Instagram Free Followers?

We do not recommend free Instagram followers as they are usually bot generated accounts. They come with a risk to get banned or lose them as Instagram remove that kind of profiles.

Good brands with quality products know the deal-for-free is too good to be true. The risk is yours.

What happened when we decided to buy Instagram followers?

When you are ready to try BIF strategy start with good research, and find the best place to buy followers.

21 - Buy Instagram Followers - Real & Targeted

When you feel you find it, choose a budget and act smartly.

Separate the budget on a daily basis and add a small number of Social Media signals every day.

Invest your time in excellent content to reach more engage with the new audience and turn the followers into friends.

Repost their content, like their posts and comment on their stories.

Instagram can become a money-making machine and here BIF strategy is used to create a quantity in the client’s profile, which the content, hashtags, and scheduling turn into quality and customers.

How to earn money on Instagram?

If you need to know more about the process read How to get Instagram to work for your business? 

And start doing what other people find it is worth.

Why choose us?

We are a safe and legit company with experience and offer good
eals at a reasonable price.

We have targeted followers for Instagram from India, USA, Arab,
China, Dubai, Brazil, France and Saudi Arabia, etc.
Our BIF strategy is also available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,
Soundcloud, and Vine.

We are a big company and invest
our time and efforts to improve the service we provide
and satisfice the clients we have.

We do believe in BIF strategy to boost your business and take
the place you deserve in the Social media market.

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