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ActiveIG’s real AdWords youtube views service will amaze you with surprises like engagement, visibility, exposure, and social media success.

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Instant Delivery

Our 2-step order delivery enables a buyer to place order and get it delivered within few minutes. It’s your opportunity to get market #1 service.

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24/7 Customer Support

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YouTube is a powerful social media platform and one of the fastest ways to get fame. Although, because of 30 million daily visitors, you have a larger audience to show your talent and/or market your business, it also increases competition which makes it tough to get noticed. To stay ahead in the race you need assistance from a promotional service provider to reach thousands of people.

Active IG is the right place to experience quality, reliable and non-drop promotional services at affordable prices. Therefore, buying YouTube Adwords views from us will increase your content reach, engagement, bring new visits, and give an instant boost.

To gain views on your YouTube videos, our team runs a manual advertisement campaign for you to provide real views and reach the targeted audience. When a person is watching a video on YouTube, before or during the play, your video is shown on the screen as an advertisement. Moreover, you can choose your audience, niche, gender, and region more precisely to maximize organic growth.

How Buying Ads Views Works For You?

As a content creator, you know the importance of getting high exposure and also the difficulties anyone has to face. Buying ads views helps you to gain views on your worth watching YouTube videos that will result in ranking your videos. In addition, buying YouTube Adwords views increases the reach of your videos and brings new subscribers to your channel. Moreover, if you’re running a business on YouTube, then having bought ads views will make your content visible to more and more target audiences and hence boost your sales.

Buying ads views not only increases your reach but also builds trust in your subscribers. Furthermore, thousands of real views stimulate the YouTube algorithm which means organic growth through YouTube recommendations. Buying Ads views is the right option to get high exposure and faster growth. 

Features: Why Choose ActiveIG?

1. Real Quality Views

ActiveIG believes in serving quality and our hundreds of regular clients are proof of it. We provide real ad views by sharing your content on YouTube as an ad, therefore, each view coming from our service is a quality view. It not only add numbers but also a quality that flourishes your channel.

2. Non-Drop Service

Our adword views are real and permanent, therefore, the number of views never drops. The service is provided by playing sponsored ads of your content to ensure views from real and active accounts. We never provide our service by using bots or ghost accounts to keep your account safe from penalties. Moreover, in case of any drop, we offer instant refills. 

3. Targeting

We provide targeting options that help you to achieve your goal. You can target users of specific areas and we have a list of regions for your convenience. From the list, you can choose the area you want to target to boost your business. Moreover, you can also target a specific audience interested in your niche based on their search history. This is the best way to boost your growth because the audience is already interested in your content, which means maximum probability to get new fans and boost sales. 

4. Variety In Packages & Customization

We have a range of packages so you can pick suitable ones according to your promotional goal. Moreover, we have clients from different backgrounds, so we design packages to ensure anyone can enjoy our services. Furthermore, In case, you cannot find your favorite package from our predefined list then you can create a custom order of any number of YouTube Adword views.

5. Secure Payment  

As a quality service provider, we ensure sure security of our clients. Therefore, for payment, we prefer only widely used payment methods to avoid security issues. Moreover, according to our privacy policy, we never share any confidential information of our customers with a third party.

6. Live Customer Service

Our energetic team is available 24/7 to serve you. With ActiveIG you will experience good customer service because we believe that this is vital to keep our relationship longer. We have live customer service so, whenever you feel you want to know something about our service or you are facing a difficulty you can ask our team, they are here all the time to guide you.

How To Order Buying YouTube AdWord Views From ActiveIG?

If you want to order our YouTube Ad views service to get an instant boost then follow these three steps to enjoy our service. 

  1. Firstly, visit our package list to pick the most suitable one. Please choose wisely, that matches your goal and fits in your budget. 
  2. Once you add a package, next, you need to share the required data to get views. We never ask for any personal information like passwords, therefore, only share your video URL. 
  3. Lastly, pay the assigned amount for your chosen package. After payment, sit back and watch your account grow. 

Benefits of Buying YouTube AdWord Views

1. Instant Boost 

Views are the most important factors to determine the quality of your content or brand. In addition, it is also a source to get high reach and engagement. Buying YouTube Ad views helps you to get an instant boost by providing real-time views on your video. Moreover, it is not only about engaging people by showing ads but also it is the best way to get noticed by YouTube as worth watching content. Once you get noticed by the YouTube algorithm, it starts recommending your videos to users interested in your niche which results in an instant boost. 

2. Accelerate Organic Growth

Videos with thousands of views have more chances to attract a larger audience. People follow the masses, therefore, a video with high views attracts users to watch it and there is also a chance that they become your new subscriber. Moreover, videos that grab higher attention get noticed by the YouTube algorithm and it recommends your video to other users which results in organic growth. 

3. Enhance Social Impact

Buying YouTube Ad views gives 100% genuine views to enhance your social impact. A video with thousands of views is considered to have good quality and this image helps the video to grab attention easily. While videos with few views find it tough to get attention. Moreover, often, viewers judge content before watching based on its engagement. Therefore, buying YouTube Ads views is a simple solution.

4. Improves Content Quality

Buying YouTube Ad views saves your time and lets you focus on creating more interesting content. Video making and editing take hours to maintain quality but still, you have to put effort into marketing to reach viewers which is also a time taking process. But our team is here to manage this task so you can spend more time producing valuable content. Furthermore, it doesn’t only improve quality but also this quality helps you to attract more audience.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

We at ActiveIG have 24/7 customer support, here is FAQ’s. If you still need help, please Contact Us.


How does buying YouTube Ad views increase organic growth?

On social media more views bring more visitors which means buying Ad views is the best source to attract new visitors. Thousands of views help you to be a part of recommended videos and also give an impact of quality content that is worth a view. 

Is it legal to buy YouTube Ad views?

We run your advertisement campaign through YouTube ads views which is YouTube’s own service. Also in ads views, we show your video to the people as an ad before and during video streaming. So, this marketing service is legal and safe 


Who can buy YouTube Ad views?

Anyone who has a YouTube channel and creates good content can buy YouTube Ad views. You can start your campaign anytime-either your channel is monetized or not. Moreover, it is completely safe for monetized videos. 

Will the number of views drop?

No, ActiveIG provides you views through an ad and every view on your videos is from a real active account. So the number of views only increases because our quality service helps you to grow and gives you long-term support.  


Do you have secure payment methods?

We only have widely used and secure payment methods to ensure a safe transaction. Moreover, we never share any data with third parties to maintain customer privacy.  

Do you offer refills in case of a drop in views?

We provide views from real and active accounts to provide quality service. Therefore, our service is non-drop, but in case of any drop, we offer you an instant refill so you always stay in the race. 


Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes, we care about our customers and never leave you alone in any problem. We have 24/7 customer service to resolve your problem. You can contact us anytime to experience good customer service.

Can I use other promotional services while you are also promoting my video?

When we are running your promotional campaign, it is better to avoid the use of other services because it might affect results. You can use any service after we have finished our campaign.


What is the delivery time of your service?

It depends on your ordered package. If the order is small like a few thousand then we deliver it in a single day but if it is more than 15000, it takes 1-3 days to deliver a complete order.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel the order till your order is not processed and you can get your money back, but once it is processed, you cannot cancel the order.



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