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Delivery Time 1 - 24 Hr
Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
100% Privacy Protection
Quality Subscribers
Just Video Link Required
Quality Guaranteed
Delivery Time 1 - 24 Hr
Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
100% Privacy Protection
Quality Subscribers
Just Video Link Required
Quality Guaranteed
Delivery Time 1 - 24 Hr
Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
100% Privacy Protection
Quality Subscribers
Just Video Link Required
Quality Guaranteed
Delivery Time 1 - 24 Hr
Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
100% Privacy Protection
Quality Subscribers
Just Video Link Required
Quality Guaranteed

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Buy youtube comments

Youtube Comments

ActiveIG’s youtube subscribers service will amaze you with surprises like engagement, visibility, exposure and social media success.

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Instant Delivery

Our 2-step order delivery enables a buyer to place order and get it delivered within few minutes. It’s your opportunity to get market #1 service.

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Our social media expert team are always there 24/7 to help you with knowledgeable answers, engagement plans and updates about orders.

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Do you want to make your video more appealing and want to get a high engagement rate for your YouTube videos? Then be pleased as you are at the right place. You’re just one click away from choosing the ACTIVEIG and we will prove a great crunch for you. You can make your videos more visible for your viewers by buying the Youtube comments from ACTIVEIG. It is one of the top websites that gives its 100% for promoting YouTube videos. 


No one is unfamiliar with the popularity of Youtube. It is the second-largest talent hunter platform where you will get a lot of artists, musicians, and other content creators who are known for their best work. There are a lot of opportunities for beginners who want to earn fame through their flair. From the huge crowd of skilled people, it is a bit tough for the new one to get instant popularity. But don’t worry; there are few hacks through which you can make your content recognizable for the whole world. You can buy YouTube comments, followers, likes, and shares to get more traffic and take your videos to the top in ranking. We will help you in getting the position through our reliable service. You will never be disappointed after choosing us as your representative. Our employees are genuine and provide the best, reliable, and effective performance to their clients.


It is the #1 social media marketing services that facilitate the customers with multiple affordable packages. You can buy followers, likes, comments, and shares for different social media apps, such as YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and SoundCloud. It is a substantial source of increasing the engagement rate and making your profile more visible and top ranking on the ranking scale. It is the dilemma of our social media that quality is first rated by numbers. The more comments and views on your content, the more it will be acknowledged by the other viewers. We serve our clients in the same way through positive feedback and comments.

How Do Comments Enhance Popularity?

Comments are considered a vital tool for bringing more people to the content. It has become a common thing that before watching any video, people prefer to read comments to check their credibility and validity through comments. Positive comments bring more traffic, and in the same way, negative comments reduce the number of people following you. If you want to get instant fame, then it is necessary to have more positive comments. You can buy utterances that will work in your favor. It is up to you what type of package you like to buy. After purchasing the comments, you will see a skyrocket improvement in the number count of your followers and viewers.

YouTube comments are the best source of engaging more audience towards your content and getting their attraction. It is a social trend that people watch and follow those contents that have more positive comments. Good comments enhance the credibility of the content.

More comments bring more views and followers to the account, and hence the client gets more reputation and popularity.

Benefits Of Buying YouTube Comments From ActiveIG

  • Improve the organic ranking of the content
  • Enhances the confidence of the content creator and provides suggestions for improving the content quality
  • Provokes people for more discussion to get valuable comments
  • Provides real comments that are delivered after watching the complete video
  • Bring more people to the account through attractive comments
  • Show quality work with efficient performance
  • Provides 100% satisfaction
  • 100% secure and easy procedure 
  • Guaranteed delivery within the given time
  • Fewer efforts and more output as we know our customer has to surpass a lot of difficulties and struggling time for creating music. Therefore our employees work faithfully for 100% results.     

How To Buy YouTube Comments From ActiveIG?

There are a lot of sites with well-reputation for providing services to the customers, but the main thing that stands out use from this crowd is our timely response and simple procedure. Our procedure of buying comments is very simple and time-saving. You don’t need to put much effort into this.

  • We have many offers and packages for our clients. We have both random and customized comment offers for you. First of all, you need to decide what type of comments you require. ActiveIG has a lot of cheap and exclusive offers for our valuable customers.
  • After deciding on the package, now it’s time to fill the form with some personal details such as username or account and URL of the content for whom you want comments. We don’t demand our customers for passwords and any other login information, so you don’t worry about them.
  • Now further precede the process by choosing the payment option. 
  • After payment, you require comments to be delivered within one hour. After that, you can relax and enjoy the organic ranking of your content.

Why Choose Us?

Our priority is our customer’s satisfaction, and we do our best to facilitate our clients with the best services.

1. Organic Growth:

If you want to be on the top of the YouTube ranking, it is necessary to have more engagement on your account with more followers. We facilitate our customers, the best services for organic growth of their profile, and help our clients to appear at the top of the app. More comments will bring more likes and views for the content. Hence it can also become a source of income for you as YouTube provides 5$ for 1000 views. The strong and appealing content with more comments and views will prove monetarily beneficial for you.

2. Maintains The Impression Of The Client:

On social media, you can aspect both types of comments; good and bad. For the user’s favor, it is better to have more positive comments as it will maintain the impression of bad comments, and for the new people, more positive comments are more commendable. When they like the conversation, they will surely like to watch the video.

3. Rock-Bottom Packages:

We have a lot of low rates and affordable packages for beginners and professionals. You can get them at any rate, and can also choose the special offers. For most people, it is a bit tough to decide which offer is best for them. For such customers, we offer customization.

4. Refill Guarantee:

  We ensure the real and trustworthy comments but suppose due to any mishap, or any comment left, we also offer a refilling guarantee with the better one. In case of any dissatisfaction, you can also get your money back.

5. Enhance The Visibility Chances:

On YouTube, there are more than 1.8 million active users, then how will it look if your video will become visible for most of them. It will become a great source of pleasure for the content creator. Our comments will inflate your content, and there is more chance of reaching different brands and people on your content.

6. Instant and Timely Deliver

For the enthusiast person, it is very hard to wait for a long time after putting forth their entire struggle for creating the music. Therefore, we ensure timely and fast delivery to our customers so that they may not have to pass through the tired moment of waiting for hours.

7. 100% Secure Privacy System:

       We keep a lot of care about the delicate personal information of our clients and never leak them. Our team makes sure that all the data of the client remains safe.

8. 24/7 Customer Service:

   Our team has experts that remain active 24 hours and help the customers to sort out their problems. You can also take help for your account proficiency and get guidance on any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

We at smmkart have 24/7 customer support, here is FAQ’s. If you still need help, please Contact Us.


Can I move my comments to any other video?

No, we offer the YouTube comments only for that video to which you place the order. But you can place different orders at the same time for multiple videos. You will be given equal and best service for all of them.

How can I get the specific comments?

We facilitate the clients with both random and customized YouTube comments. If you want to gain special comments, then a customized offer is the best option for you.


How can I make my video on the top of the trending page of YouTube?

You can get more engagement on your content through YouTube videos, and for a more diversified engagement rate, you opt for the likes, views, and subscribers for your YouTube content. It will help you to get more traffic; hence you can gain the top position on the trending page.

Is it necessary to share information for buying any package on ActiveIG?

No, the clients need to give the username, URL of the video and select the payment method. We don’t demand any other sensitive information from our clients and also keep their data secure.


Do the comments come from real profiles?

Yes, our employees are real and have a genuine profile. It enhances the trust of the other people on the client’s profile.

Is there any chance of a free trial?

No, this offer is not available yet. But you can look for the low rate offer if you want to check our authenticity.


Can I get my money back in case of any dissatisfaction?

We provide a refilling option to our customers in case of any problem. But if the client is not happy, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to the customers.

Can I write a comment on my video?

Yes, it is relatively easy to write a comment by yourself. For this, you will need to create a personal YouTube channel. You can also write a comment if you have a customized YouTube comment offer from ActiveIG.


How are YouTube comments beneficial for me?

YouTube comments will help your profile in positive growth, and you can rank your video by attracting more traffic through crunchy chit-chat.

Will comments help me to improve my content?

Yes, in the YouTube comment section, the creator gets direct feedback, and in this way, weak and strong points of your content will come to know. You can use it in a positive way for improvement in your performance.


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