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Automate your Instagram marketing needs, Our system will detect your new posts automatically and send guaranteed real likes.

$18.99 / Month
Upto 4 Posts per Day
Real Likes from Real users
Free Views on all videos
100% Safe and Secure
Privacy Protection
24×7 Support
Upto 4 Posts per Day
Real Likes from Real users
Free Views on all videos
100% Safe and Secure
Privacy Protection
24×7 Support
$48.99 / Month
Upto 4 Posts per Day
Real Likes from Real users
Free Views on all videos
100% Safe and Secure
Privacy Protection
24×7 Support
$83.99 / Month
Upto 4 Posts per Day
Real Likes from Real users
Free Views on all videos
100% Safe and Secure
Privacy Protection
24×7 Support
$113.99 / Month
Upto 4 Posts per Day
Real Likes from Real users
Free Views on all videos
100% Safe and Secure
Privacy Protection
24×7 Support


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Who it works?

upload your post

Upload Your Post

ActiveIG’s Instagram automatic likes service will amaze you with surprises. Just upload your picture or video on your Instagram account.

media detection

Media Detection

Our AI based system will detect your new post with in seconds and schedule your post as per your preferred delivery time setting.

Instagram auto likes

Auto likes Delivery

Now sit back, relax and watch how your Instagram auto likes being delivered to your new post even with your desired speed.


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money back guaranteeIf you are in a growing phase of your Instagram account or facing difficulty in growth, then ActiveIG is one of the best options. You have landed one the perfect place because we provide you with the best automatic Instagram likes with fruitful results. We promise reliability and quality of service.
Instagram is one of the largest social media apps. Almost more than a Billion users are here sharing pictures and moments of their lives on this platform. Because of the high number of users, it seems easy to get noticed on Instagram, but this is not a piece of cake.
People judge content according to the attention it gains. If you are new or your likes are less than 100, then you need to boost your Instagram presence.
ActiveIG makes it easier for you to buy automatic Instagram likes fast and cheap. We’re here to do months of effort in a couple of minutes to get attention and exposure to your Instagram profile.
People buy likes for their Instagram posts, but here we are offering auto likes for your posts. This works magically and differently.

What is Automatic Instagram likes?

Auto likes is a premium service of ACTIVEIG, where your recent post will get detected by our system within a few seconds whenever you post pictures or videos on your Instagram account. Our artificial intelligence-based system notices it in seconds and starts sending likes to your recent post as per your preferred time.
Real auto likes on Instagram have more benefits than simple IG likes. Because if your post grabs attention in starting minutes of your upload, this results in more reach, more engagement, and more chances of getting viral.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Auto Likes

Best for unlimited uploads

When you buy likes, it can be for a specific post, but you never need to be worried in the case of automatic instagram likes because as you post something, it detects within seconds and starts getting likes.
Buying Instagram auto likes works for all your future posts.

Triggers when You Upload

When you upload a picture or video, starting time determines the reach and popularity. The first hour of any post is a very crucial time. If you get enough attention then your content will get viral.
Buying auto likes increases the chance of your posts getting high organic traffic because the algorithm of Instagram recommends your content to other users.

Quality Focus Guarantee

You are working hard to create good content, but half of your energy is required for promotional activities.
If you buy Instagram Auto likes from ActiveIG, it will let you focus only on your content. Your all energy saves for your content, and this also elevates chances to become famous.

Organic growth

An Instagram photo, video, or post with a high number of likes leads to better organic growth. For example, your content gets hundreds of likes in the first hour. Instagram notices instantly and considers its valuable content. Instagram put this on explore page. This way, your organic growth increase with each passing minute.

SMMKart Features

Different Automatic Instagram Likes Packages

Buy 50 Instagram Automatic Likes For $10.99

Buy 100 Instagram Automatic Likes For $16.99

Buy 250 Instagram Automatic Likes For $24.99

Buy 300 Instagram Automatic Likes For $35.99

Buy 400 Instagram Automatic Likes For $39.99

Buy 500 Instagram Automatic Likes For $42.99

Buy 1000 Instagram Automatic Likes For $79.99

Buy 1500 Instagram Automatic Likes For $110.99

Buy 2000 Instagram Automatic Likes For $139.99

Buy 2500 Instagram Automatic Likes For $170.99

Buy 3000 Instagram Automatic Likes For $199.99

Buy 3500 Instagram Automatic Likes For $229.99

No Password Required

Our services are safe, and we extra care about customers’ privacy. Therefore, we never ask for any irrelevant information. We just ask for your Instagram username and deliver auto likes to the most recent/upcoming posts.

Secure and Multiple Payment Methods

We make multiple payment methods likes PayPal, Visa, Master, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ETH, and many others. All of them work with our safest SSL integration to give maximum security to customers.

3 Step Checkout Process

Buy Instagram Auto likes fast and easy with our 3-step checkout system. Enter your account username, fill in order details, and instantly checkout. That’s it!

Engagement and Exposure in One Go

Get the best possible reach on your account and mentions as fast as possible. Auto likes is a revolutionary service that makes social media success possible with minimum effort and price.

Real Instagram Account

We use real and active accounts to deliver your order, so you never face any future issues. ActiveIG delivers real Instagram auto likes to your photos and videos and that is the reason we’re the top IG marketer in the industry.

24/7 High-Quality Customer Service

We are here for you 24/7. You want to choose a perfect package for you or have any queries related to our services. Feel free to ask any time; our energetic team answers every question.

You Control, We Deliver

We are giving you a hold on to the speed of auto likes. You want it instant or gradual, it’s all your choice. You can choose according to content requirements or divide the auto likes for multiple photos. If you wish to it in parts or after regular intervals, you can choose.

How to buy automatic Instagram Likes?

This is the most important step. Firstly, you have to understand your need then choose a suitable option from our packages.

step 1 for auto ig likes

Choose a plan

As you choose your package, click on buy now button and provide necessary data like your account username and email address only.

step 2 auto likes

Enter Details

Enter you username and our system will fetch your details and display before placing order. We will not ask any of your personal information.

step 3 ig auto likes


You are almost done with the process. Pay with your card through our multiple payment options. Post new photos and videos to see the magic.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

We at smmkart have 24/7 customer support, here is FAQ’s. If you still need help, please Contact Us.


Will this put my Instagram account at risk?

Not at all. It is safe and secure. Instagram promotes content with high numbers of likes from real accounts. We use real and active accounts, so this will never risk your account in any way.

How fast will I receive the Likes?

Likes speed is instant, even you can select at what interval our system will deliver likes on the checkout page. We have the guarantee of our services. We provide non-drop good quality services. In case of any drop and service issues, we offer instant refill and even a money-back guarantee.

Can the Instagram Auto likes come instant or in parts?

This is your choice. You want a slow delivery so people don’t notice anything, or you want it instant. This all depends on you. We leave this on you so you can enjoy authority.

Do you need my password?

No, we don’t need any of your account or personal information except your username to deliver orders. We keep everything safe, so you never feel any insecurity.


Can you deliver my order to a private account?

Auto likes come from people who may become your followers later. So, privacy restricts getting likes from existing followers only. That’s why your account needs to be public to get Instagram auto likes instantly. Alternatively, you can try our Instagram followers service also.

Can I receive Likes on My older posts?

Yes, you can buy Instagram likes for your older posts. For that purpose, have a look at our Instagram likes service. They will be also real and of high quality.


Can I split my order into two accounts?

No, this is not possible. You can choose two small packages for your different accounts. If you intend to purchase 1000 auto likes, buy them in the division like 500’s package for each one

When will I receive auto likes?

As you upload a new post, our system notices it instantly. This is a 30-second process, and then we deliver your ordered likes accordingly.


Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes, if you are not completely satisfied with our services. We offer a refund option with no questions asked.

How you provide likes from real accounts?

We have our system developed that ensures a delivery from real-looking and quality accounts. There will be no fake bots or inactive profiles.


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