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Buy Spotify Plays

Real Quality Plays

ActiveIG’s real quality Spotify Plays service will amaze you with surprises like engagement, visibility, exposure and social media success.

Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

Our 2-step order delivery enables a buyer to place order and get it delivered within few minutes. It’s your opportunity to get market #1 service.

Customer Service

24/7 Customer Support

Our social media expert team are always there 24/7 to help you with knowledgeable answers, engagement plans and updates about orders.

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Among the many live streaming music applications available, Spotify stands out. As we have acknowledged the worth of the music industry in our daily life, the trending songs and the new singers have performed their role in this industry way better. That makes this platform a place of highest competition for new and trendy ideas. Spotify showed up as a blessing to beginners to start their career without any producer or music studio.

Being recognized in the Spotify community can help you get more opportunities on other applications or platforms as an artist. Most people widen their community on Spotify by buying more followers. But wait. having so many followers on your Spotify accounts and no one is listening to your songs. Isn’t it suspicious?

We came up with the brand new idea of adding thousands of plays to your Spotify accounts that will help generate the attention of other people too. And make them curious about your tracks. presents to you its best-ever services of adding so many Spotify plays to your Spotify account helping you to get fame in no time

How To Get The Spotify Plays From ActiveIG?

We prefer to provide for our customers with the best services at the blink of their eye. The process to buy Spotify is very simple at ActiveIG.

  • Go through the packages given and choose a package that suits you the best.
  • Once you choose the package, a popup window will appear asking for your details. Paste the link of the music track on which you want to gain plays.
  • After going through this step, proceed towards the payment process. Enter the required payment details. Make sure you enter the accurate details to make your order successful.

Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

Boosting your Spotify algorithm is the main key to get success as an artist on this platform. And boosting is possible because of the fans only. The more the number of active listeners at your Spotify account the more popularity you will get as an artist. Our site provides you unlimited plays on your music streams to help you get more engagements.

Here are the few picks describing why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of buying Spotify plays from us.

1. It Aids Beginner Artists To Grow Their Community Faster.

In the Spotify application, you are like a one-man army. All the things from recording, music additions, and publishing your music are done by you. In this situation, you can hardly find any time to spend your work on the marketing of your art. Here is what buying Spotify plays can help you get rid of this problem.

Young and active artists can start their career from this platform with the help of live streaming or posting music. More plays to a song make people curious about your music. And it will draw more audience to your account. As a result of which you can get fame on different platforms as well.

2. It Verifies Your Authority For Your Work.

As you get more engagement, and people are familiar with your content, it prevents your work from being plagiarized. No one can copy and post your art or music. You are the sole proprietor of your music.

People recognize you by your voice, or by your streaming videos. They will pick it quickly if someone tries to copy your content.

As you are a songwriter of your own, writing and presenting, you can verify your work in front of the audience by having more listeners. The plays added to your account can help you with this problem.

3. It Encourages The Artist To Experiment With Various Music Forms.

Our music industry is very mobile. It is continuously changing. You can see a big difference in how the present beats are different from those of the 19s. This vigorous change makes this industry a very competitive place. People are always looking for something unique. They get bored with the same stuff.

Having more appreciation for your streams also helps the artist to experiment with the different versions of music. From classic to pop-up, they are always welcome to pick any of the platforms because they don’t have any authority to tell them what to do and what not.

4. It Makes The Artists Famous Social Influencers.

More plays to your music tracks can lead you to gain more followers that can help you become a more popular influencer at the social level. You can participate in different trends and also make sure your presence is active on the social media platform.Β  Your opinion and your statements will matter. You would get more people to your community by serving and helping others.

It will help you to be popular more easily and quickly among the vast mob of people.

Sometimes, you may experience a few Spotify plays drop after delivery. In this case, stay calm and contact our customer support team. Our team will look into this matter and offer you a free refill as soon as possible.

How Buying Spotify Plays From ActiveIG Will Change Your Fate?

1. 100% Real

We at ActiveIG ensure 100% authenticity and play from the real accounts. We don’t believe in using bots. All our work is completely authentic and helpful for our clients.

2. Great Affordability

We offer you as many plays as you want at very cheap rates. We provide you engagements to your Spotify account in order to prevent the ban of your account. The prices are very reasonable, and you can invest in your successful career with us.

3. Full-Time Customer Support

Our customer support is active 24/7. You can buy it anytime. You can contact me anytime in the case of any query. We will guide you through the whole process anytime.

4. Privacy Protection

We don’t ask for any passwords. We keep your privacy protected. All of your given details are safe with us.Β 

5. More Engagement Rate

We offer more engagements that help you to get more real traffic to your account and other videos as well. it increases the number of likes and shares of your plays. Your talent can evolve throughout the world. And you can be popular among the people.

If you are an artist and really have some talent, you must not abandon this type of investment for a promising career. This application is the most suitable for beginners.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

We at ActiveIG have 24/7 customer support, here is FAQ’s. If you still need help, please Contact Us.


Can I Buy Spotify Plays?

Yes, you can buy Spotify Plays for your music tracks. ActiveIG is the best platform providing you with this service.

Does ActiveIG Use Bots To Add Spotify Plays?

No, our website provides you with the real and authentic Spotify plays to your Spotify account. You can get the organic; real Spotify plays from real accounts.


Is Buying Spotify Plays Worth It?

If you want quick success, you must invest in this kind of purchasing. You can get fame in less span of time if you have these real plays added to your account.

Is Buying Spotify Plays Costly?

You have to pay a few bucks only for the Spotify plays into your tracks. We don’t charge thousands of dollars for providing you with your plays.


How Much Do I Need To Pay For 1000 Spotify Plays?

You can get 1000 Spotify plays in approximately less than a hundred dollars. There are multiple other deals as well providing you with more discounts.

Is It Illegal Buying Spotify Plays?

Likes, views, comments, and shares are purchased by different people on their accounts. It is not something new. It’s like an investment for early success.


Can Spotify Detect Fake Streams?

If you don’t buy from any authentic site, it is possible for Spotify to detect the fake streams you have brought.

How Can We Detect Fake Streams?

You can click on the playlist of the respective person. If the plays at different songs are deviating, you must understand that the plays are fake. Because in most of the cases the organic plays are equally the same on every song.


What If I Listen To A Song On Mute, Would It Be Counted By Spotify?

Spotify doesn’t count the stream that is played on mute. It isn’t added to your plays. It’s like adding the Spotify streams artificially.

Can We Earn From Spotify?

As an artist, you can create your own living at this application. It all depends on the number of your followers and plays added to your account.


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