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Imagine your YouTube content is seen by 1 000 000 people;
they like it, share it, subscribe.

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You can easily sell your products or service, right?

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Many users produce quality content, upload it and wait until someone sees it.
Waiting or hoping is not the best you can do.

You know how to produce video, we will show you how to rank it on the first page on YouTube.

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This is the same strategy we use to deliver hundreds of videos to our clients.
Try this insanely actionable how to get 100 000 real YouTube views strategy to boost your YouTube success.
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How to rank on the
1st page on Youtube?

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Ranking Factors

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What you can do
after upload

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How to buy
Youtube views

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Why Choose Us?

How to rank on the 1st page on Youtube?

An important part BEFORE upload is curating your videos carefully
so that they can be more visible in the ocean on content online.

What is a YouTube view?

It is not exactly what you think!

Not every time when the user pushes the button PLAY, the view is detected. YouTube’s Rank system wants more to count that
Play as VIEW.

So, how does YouTube count views?

There is a new algorithm. The old refreshing the page method will no longer work.
The new algorithm automatically detects when at least 10 percent of the content is played.

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Some videos even need 50 percent of the full length to be validated as real view.
If the user opens and close the content, that means he is not happy with it.
Low-quality video content “wins” retention rate (RR). Not a good award.

What is RR?

The retention rate (RR)is one piece of information that tells YouTube something about the quality of the video.

To check your RR:

1. Log in to your YouTube account.
2. In the top right, select your account > Creator Studio.
3. On the left, select Analytics > Audience retention.
4. To see audience retention data for a specific video, click the name of the video. Then play the video to see how different
parts are doing.


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Low retention means that the viewer clicked on a video but did not find it interesting and left after a short while.

Usually, RR of less than 50% is considered low.

This hurts the video’s ranking on the YouTube search engine.

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If viewers quit an average of 10 seconds into a video, it’s compelling evidence that the video stinks.
The retention rate isn’t the only piece of information that suggests something about video quality.

Other hints include:

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The new method, adopted by the platform, is the so-called “301 views”.
The YouTube database is set up to freeze the counting at this number of views until all 301 of them are manually reviewed to
determine if they represent real users or are bots.

After confirmation that the views are real, the counting resumes and the real number of views is displayed.
For more information visit here.

To achieve a high retention rate and get real YouTube views, you need to FOCUS on your content.

Like that

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Or that

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Or that

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Go to My channel,

press the Videos

And hope to see something that shows people

1. Who Are You?
2. What You Can Do?
3. What Problems You Can Solve?
4. What Values You Can Add to Others’ Lives?
5. And Most Importantly – What You Sell?

The video only works if people actually watch our videos. The rule is simple:

Use accurate titles and descriptions and you will increase your chance to be seen.
Retention is very important.

Keeping up a good score is the key to popularizing the content and ultimately – the channel.

Better retention results are better SEO ranking and help with building a community and targeting the right audience.
This will then lead to bigger partnerships and monetization.

To optimize your YouTube presence, you need more ranking news.

Ranking Factors

According to
there are 10 Ranking factors you must know very well.



Use all to get 100 000 real YouTube views and see that nothing happened.
Why is that?

Because everyone on YouTube is doing the exact same thing.

You need to know something more.

We have 3 SUPER RANKING FACTORS to push your video on the first page


The total watch time is the most important YouTube ranking factor.

The more of your video people watch, the better it tends to rank.
So, if Instagram loves 1-minute video, YouTube wants more, at least 10 times more.

Do longer videos to rank better.


Use the exact keyword at the beginning of your tittle.

If you post running tips DO NOT choose a creative tittle as “Better than the wind.”
Be simple, focused and put your keyword in the first place.
Use it in your content too.

YouTube now listens to your video, and if you didn’t say anything like HOW TO RUN, then something with your content is not


The more people watch, like, subscribe and comment on your video the higher your video will rank in YouTube search result.

It is about the popularity you reach on YouTube.
When people view, like, comment and subscribe they give signals you made a quality content and YouTube gives better rank.


That is why you need to work on your video content BEFORE AND AFTER.

First – produce a long-lasting nice-looking video!
Second – interact with subscribers and answer their questions, call to like or dislike, ask for more comments if they like it.

Every signal is proving for your interesting content.

Now you know what you can do BEFORE upload it is time to teach you what you can do after.

What you can do after upload?

To get YouTube views and likes is not a child play.
Seems easy but try it. Takes time, money and mistakes.
You don’t want to spend all day working on your ranking rate, right.
That is why we will give you a smart way to get more views on
YouTube fast.

Search your peers

Try to partner up with other small YouTube channels with similar topics.
You can use cross-platform sharing that will enrich both channels and audiences.

Link the content

If you mention something in your videos, be sure to always link it.
This way not only your subscribers can browse things they are interested in, but also you could possibly benefit from a
partnership with brands you mentioned.

Encourage your viewers

Your biggest advantage is your own viewers.
Don’t forget to encourage them to subscribe and leave comments, to build the community.
Pin top comments or important messages you have to share.
Like and reply to comments. The most popular ones will appear first, and more people will see them.


Highly rated and liked comments ensure social proof which is super important

Ads revenue

Using ads is a good way of creating revenue from your content.

It can also be tricky, as many people are now using Ad blockers of some sort.

Why people do not believe in sponsored videos you can see here.

Buy YouTube views

Instead of paying for YouTube ads, you can buy real YouTube views to boost your rank and reach new organic views.
It would be naive to think that every view the big channels generate is authentic.

Buying real YouTube views can be tricky, but it is not impossible and it’s no secret that it has been happening all over the

How to buy Youtube views?

Why do paid views increase organic YouTube views?

1. Paid views can surprisingly increase organic results as people
naturally gravitate towards more viewed and shared content.

2. Pumped up view count will drive more traffic to the content and
will make it more visible.

3. Buying YouTube views is a great way for small companies or
creators to get ahead in the fierce competition.
This way they can benefit from the confidence a few extra views
give and the traffic that come with them, increasing their popularity

4. Contrary to the popular belief, purchase of targeted views or likes
is legal, and it is not punishable by law.

How much should YouTube views cost?

Low price = Low quality

Proven, real, human views cost more than bots bought in bulk.

Buying views cheap may be tempting but investing in quality will be beneficial for your channel over time.
Typically, specific types of views (targeted, VEVO or fast) come more expensive than regular, unspecified ones.

Be sure to always buy from trusted companies with good reputation.

This may cost you a bit extra, but you will get a quality product in return and won’t suffer subscriber loss.

Keep in mind that the higher volume you buy, the longer it will take for the views to appear.
For example – 500 likes typically need a few hours to be delivered, and 10.000 are delivered in smaller shipments during 2-3 days.

 Real YouTube views

You can expect to pay as little as $2 for a 1000 views and at least $50 for 1000 subscribers.
There are also package deals that are more affordable and combine views, likes, and subscribers.
You can also buy a larger quantity of a few thousand views that will be delivered in parts.

Targeted YouTube views

The prices for targeted YouTube views can depend on the country of origin and the retailer.

1000 Indian views can be bought for $1.00 at some places and the same amount of UK views costs $50.

Like with anything else bought in bulk, larger quantities offer a better deal and you can acquire a million views for around

 Superfast YouTube views

Superfast YouTube views retail for around a $1000 for 1 million views.

These, as we said, appear in your videos the fastest and are a good option if you are in a hurry

 Vevo views

Note that if you wish to use the view for promoting Vevo content specifically, you need to purchase Vevo-specific products and not regular ones!


How many YouTube views you can buy?

There is no limit on how many views, likes or followers can be added to a single video but, as discussed above, big
fluctuations in the numbers are suspicious.

Risks of buying YouTube subscribers and views

1. Anonymous and untraceable views from low-prices companies.
2. No money-back guarantee
3. Loss of views

As we said buying likes, views and followers is not illegal and you can’t be prosecuted for it.
Since YouTube only removes videos if they have illegal content, your video cannot be removed on the basis of paid views.

The same goes for banning accounts.
The YouTube team does comb through views and subscribers manually to ensure fair play, so if your channel is new, grow the
audience moderately so that it doesn’t attract attention.

If you buy YouTube views from a trusted source that provides high retention products, your overall success is likely to happen.

Keep in mind though that only purchasing and adding paid views can’t make your channel popular.
Yes, you may experience a short burst, but not long-term engagement. It should not be treated as a magical solution.

If you are really dedicated to your content and listen to the feedback your audience gives you, with that little extra push of
a few more views, you should be able to make it far.

How to earn money on YouTube?

If you need to know more about the process read this.

and start doing what other people find it is worth.

Why choose us?

We are a safe and legit company with experience and offer good
deals at a reasonable price.
We have YouTube views, targeted views, superfast views and Vevo
views from India, USA, Brazil, France, and Saudi Arabia, etc.
Our strategy is also available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
Soundcloud, and Vine.
We are a big company and invest our time and efforts to improve
the service we provide and satisfice the clients we have.
We do believe in buy YouTube views strategy to boost your
business and take the place you deserve in the Social media market.

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