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Instant Delivery

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The most foremost thing every person looks for on any TikTok account is the number of likes on the videos. It is an important parameter if you want quick success and popularity on TikTok.

Tiktok is a welcoming platform for young people. It provides them an intermediate to connect with the community. They can broaden their horizon only if they have valuable content and more TikTok likes.

Buying TikTok Likes From ActiveIG.

Accelerate the process of increasing the number of followers and likes on your TikTok account by having the guaranteed TikTok services from us. ACTIVEIG has enabled its customers to add more likes to their TikTok videos in order to get quick fame. We value your preferences, and we tend to provide 100%genuine services.

How To Buy TikTok Likes From ActiveIG?

Buying criteria from our site doesn’t require much of your time. You can have multiple likes on your TikTok videos real quick. Keep reading the following steps to understand the buying process.

1. Choose Your Package.

You have to choose a suitable TikTok package for your TikTok videos. We have explained some packages in detail having a number of likes and prices. Select the one that suits you the best and add it to the cart.

2. Fill In Your Credentials

Next up is to enter your TikTok username and the link to the video on which you want to have liked. You don’t need to give us your account password. Username is enough information for us to reach out to your account.

3. Clear Your Payment Details

You can pay by multiple means for your order. You can pay via debit card, credit card, pioneer, or so on. Add your account details and pay for your order.

4. Your Likes Will Be Added To Your Account

As soon as you clear your payments and confirm your order, the number of likes you have chosen will be added to your TikTok video within a time span of 24 hours.

The processes are as easy to perform as they seem. You can get a remarkable ranking on TikTok in a very short time.

Why Should You Buy TikTok Likes From ActiveIG?

We understand your concerns about the security and protection of your TikTok account before you invest money on our site. Most people do focus on the benefits they are going to get after the investment. This is natural.

Here are a few reasons explaining why you should buy TikTok likes from us?

1. We Ensure The Security Of Your Account.

All the credentials you give us while filling out your form are perfectly safe with us. We don’t reveal your private data. We don’t even ask for unnecessary information like the password of your TikTok account.

We only ask for what we need to add the number of TikTok likes to your TikTok videos. And that data is completely secure with us.

2. We Deliver 100% Organic Likes.

We don’t believe in using bots. We add real and organic likes to your TikTok account. You can have the eligibility check by checking the accounts we use to add the TikTok likes to your account. You will find the profile complete and accounts will be real.

Tiktok is unable to detect that the likes are purchased. Because the quality is equally the same and authentic.

3. Your Order Will Be Delivered Within 24 Hours.

When you confirm your order, the site becomes active to provide you with the number of likes you have ordered for. We don’t take much time. We try our level best to deliver the order within 24 hours. A little delay may be expected in case of big orders, but that also doesn’t make you wait for too long.

4. We Provide 24/7 Customer Support.

Keeping in view the variant work schedule of our clients, we have designed our site which is ready to respond to you every time you contact us. You can place your order anytime. You can consult our customer support for any query. You can give your honest feedback to our site. Or you can tell us if your order is misplaced or hasn’t been delivered yet.

Benefits Of Buying TikTok Likes.

Searching the recent data, we have explored more than 2billion TikTok users. And there is a bulk range of the active ones also. You can compete among these high-rated tiktokers by having more likes on your videos.

It’s a really competitive application. But marking your worth isn’t that difficult with this application if you know all the important things.

We jotted down a few basic reasons why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of buying TikTok likes.

1. Rank Your TikTok Videos In A Specific Niche.

Most people are unaware of the ranking criteria of TikTok. It says, you must have a sufficient number of likes, and shares to your videos to prove your worth. You can’t rank in the whole mob of 2 billion people on TikTok. But yes, you can do it in a specific niche.

Every tiktoker makes an account based on a specific niche like cooking, singing, athletes, and so on. You can rank your videos in that specific niche if you have more likes. The benefit of this step is when an athlete lover will search for an account, he/she will find your videos on the top page. And you will get fame for doing absolutely nothing.

2. Build Your Community On TikTok.

Having more likes on your videos and more engagement will rank your video on the top pages of TikTok. This will make other people curious too about your content. How can someone find your content when it lies somewhere at the end pages, even if the niche is interesting?

Well, buying TikTok likes will help your videos to reach out to the target audience more quickly. And you can create an engaging community on your TikTok videos very soon.  

3. Get More Engagements In Your Marketing.

Tiktok doesn’t restrain you from making any content. You can even advertise your brand and engage in marketing on this application. More likes, more people, more new organic traffic, and more your brand will be recognized.

For the people doing e-commerce and wanting to build a community of their own quickly, buying TikTok likes makes it easy for them. You can rank your videos and have real traffic showing interest in your brand and services.

4. Earn Money With TikTok.

With the help of creator fund opportunities, many tiktokers are earning a handsome amount of money from TikTok. But again the problem lies in fulfilling the TikTok criteria. You must have an adequate number of followers and likes to your TikTok videos to get the creator fund. In short, you have to build your community on TikTok having engaging people.

Having that goal achieved in very little time is possible if you buy TikTok likes. Your videos will reach more people and maybe the people show interest in your content. And your niche is their interest. You will get more and more likes and followers without spending much money.

It will make it easy for you to claim your creator fund eligibility criteria to start a healthy living for you from this application soon.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

We at ActiveIG have 24/7 customer support, here is FAQ’s. If you still need help, please Contact Us.


Can I buy TikTok likes?

Buying TikTok likes is very easy these days. You can absolutely buy quality TikTok likes from ActiveIG.

Is buying TikTok likes worth it?

You can rank your videos on the top pages, you can build your community fast, you can grow your business, and enjoy multiple other benefits of having more TikTok likes.


Where can I buy TikTok likes?

You can easily buy as many likes as you want from We provide you with the most satisfying services and help you grow your account fast.

Can I rank my TikTok account without buying likes?

Ranking your account without buying TikTok likes isn’t impossible, but it is a difficult task. In the case of buying, you can save a lot of time as the software does everything for you.


How much do I need to pay to buy TikTok likes?

We have different packages with reasonable prices. The pricing depends on the number of likes you choose to add to your account.

Does buying TikTok likes cost too much?

It will cost only a few bucks. You don’t need to pay much for the TikTok likes. We charge like less than a hundred dollars for thousands of TikTok likes.


How much does buying 1000 TikTok likes cost?

We have maintained a valuable chart of the prices. You Can get 1000 TikTok likes for your videos in a few dollars. Pricing is not a deal working with us.

Can I earn using TikTok?

You can surely earn from the TikTok. With its creator fund, you can earn money from your content. But make sure you fulfill the earning criteria.


What type of content should I make?

Most people fail because they try to copy others. We would prefer the content in which you are best. You can show your talent to the world.

What types of content do viewers like?

Viewers appreciate every type of content that is made with perfection and uniqueness. You must focus on your capabilities, and you are good to go.



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