Instagram FAQ – Everything you need to know about Instagram!

All the questions users frequently ask

The more you know, the more you have to learn about Instagram.
This perfect machine is developing very quickly.

That is why we support IG users by answering 24/7 all the question they have.
Finally decided to post the most frequently asked questions to know more and act faster than others.

Can you post on Instagram from a computer?

1 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!


Yes. It is already possible.

Although Instagram encourages its users to post photos and videos by their mobile phones, it is also happening from a computer and a laptop.

Option 1 – Install an app that allows you to create a new post.
That is the most common option with dozens of apps:

⦁ Gramblr – free for Mac and PC
⦁ Hootsuite – free up to 3 accounts
⦁ Windowed – free
⦁ TailWind – $ 9.99 per month for Mac and PC

Option 2 – Install a plugin that enables a Publish Service linked to your Instagram account.

Option 3 – Use a browser that allows you to spoof the User Agent – you work from a computer but are recognized as a mobile account.

Option 4 – Use Bluestacks – an Android mobile emulator that runs on a computer.

How can I upload a video to Instagram from my computer?

2 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

There are three options, one of which is free.

Before uploading, make sure that your video is no more than 15 MB, 60 seconds, frame rate – 30 fps or less, maximum size – 1080 or less and is in MP4 format.

Option 1 – for free – Cloud Storage – Use Dropbox or Google Drive to upload your video. Open the file from your mobile phone. You will see the SHARE option. It allows you to upload to Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.

There is one more option to post free – through Gramblr, but our experience shows that the system is still not working well.
Option 2 – – $20 per month

Option 3 – Iconosquare – $9 per month

Fact: The video content is the best way to attract more free Instagram likes after the buying active Instagram followers.

How do I link Instagram to my wordpress blog?

3 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

It is not enough to use a hashtag. Other options give more and lead you further.

Option 1 – Install Instagram Followers Widget plugin. It will allow you to display a follow button along with your follower count.

Option 2 – Install the Instagram Feed WD plugin. It will visualize the cover of your site and will keep a follow button.

Option 3 – Use Instagram Integrations to connect your Instagram to any social network or WordPress and avoid wasting time and customers.

How do you promote a post on Instagram?

4 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

You need to promote your content.

More Influencers will tell you to start by looking for the best site to buy Instagram followers, and that is reasonable but after you have to show your content.
Do it with adds.

Start with the easy part – make the Instagram Hashtags your first weapon.
It allows you to connect with large groups of people who like, comment and share the same hashtag.
Then, we move on to eight quick steps that will allow you to advertise on Instagram:

Step 1 – Switch Your Instagram Account to Business Account
Step 2 – Click on Promote Button in your profile
Step 3 – Click the content you will boost
Step 4 – Pick – Visit your website or Give you a call
Step 5 – Add your link or call to action button
Step 6 – Choose Your Audience
Step 7 – Define Budget
Step 8 – Confirm

Then install Instagram analytics apps to know where you start and track your growth.
If you don’t know how to get followers on Instagram follow the link below.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?

5 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

In Instagram, as well as on Facebook, you do not pay just for advertising; you pay for CPM /cost per thousand impressions/.

And as we started with comparisons, we will specify that Instagram’s price is lower than the one on Facebook, and it makes more and more brands pay Instagram to reach the desired number of customers with a reasonable budget.
Along with that, many more people click on Instagram ads because they are not as much as on Facebook.

If you’ve already found out how effective your Instagram ads are, let’s see how much they cost:
⦁ You could pay over $ 5 a CPM for a high performing post on Instagram per day

Of course, the better the content is, the less you pay.

The main idea of its algorithm is that quality content easily collects likes and comments.
An ugly photo with unclear content will not collect the organic likes of your followers and will cost much.
Be active, create smart content, focus your profile and boost the followers to best results.

Can you get paid for having a lot of followers on Instagram?

6 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

That is what is paid on Instagram – Followers

And if you do not believe in the offers for free Instagram followers, then you know they are too good to be true. Be realistic and buy real Instagram followers only.
Now, if you have many followers but no money, then you still have not opened the door of the wealth you are sleeping in front.
Many brands are looking for a way to reach their audience and attract real likes.

For example, If you are a person who does sport every day, use it to make money.
Show your progress on Instagram with cool pics and videos, run a tutorial and turn your hobby into good salary.
You have to wear a particular or show a specific product.
The company will pay for it.
If you still do not know how much – see below.

How much money do Instagram models make?

7 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

In 2018 an Instagram user with about 200,000 followers can make anywhere between $10,000 and $17,500 per month.

And if these numbers look good, here’s what the best-looking girls get at Insartram according to

Paige Hathaway – £3.8million per year
Chantel Zales – £3.6 million per year
Ana Cheri – £2.4 million per year
Abigail Ratchford – £2.3 million per year
Claudia Alende – £2.1 million per year

These girls look good and take pictures. Some say they make money from nothing, but the fact is they do it.
If you want to calculate how much money your Instagram account can earn, you can figure it here:

Instagram Influencer Sponsored Post Money Calculator

How much can you charge for an Instagram post?

9 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

⦁ Most often the cost is determined by CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost for 1,000 people to see)

How to measure your CPM?
Here is the rule:
Engagement = (likes + comments per post)/(total number of followers):

– 1.5-3% engagement ~ $5 CPM
– 3-5% engagement ~ $7 CPM
– 5-8% engagement ~ $10 CPM
– > 8% engagement ~ $15 CPM

Do not forget to share with your customers that millions of followers do not make a million engagement, sometimes less.
Best paid Influencers are these with followers between 500,000 and one million.
Their audience is most often active and is interested in the content.

How do you use hashtags on Instagram?

9 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!


Hashtags are the universal key to Instagram’s millions behind the locked doors.

Posts are created to be defined by hashtag.
The fact that Instagram has imposed restrictions – up to 30 hashtags per post means that some users have gone so far. Get in there too.
Use HASHTAG FINDER or any of the dozens of apps that will help you to find the best hashtags for your brand, product, or service.
If you do, you automatically connect with all the people who have or have ever had interest in your niche.
From there on, you only have to turn them from followers to customers.
If you need to know how

How many is too many hashtags?

10 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

The hastings in Instagram are what are the keywords in the articles. And since Instagram limits them to 30 per post, many users write exactly 30.

We think this is far from reasonable.

Use between 10 and 12 Hashtags for your post. That is the number that will provide you with an audience but also a quality of content.
There’s a brand like Nike and Zara who use one or two hashtags in their posts, yet their audience grows.
Be creative and think about quality, not quantity.

Can you have more than one Instagram account?

11 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

Yes. You only need one more email.

Instagram allows you to manage up to five accounts with a different email address.

Directly go to Settings and tap Add Account. You can then download an application to help you work with all of your accounts at once. Sounds more complicated than it is.

In fact, many brands use this strategy to gain a larger audience.
They create more than one account and focus each one on specific content that matches a particular group of people or interests.
In this way, they capture a large audience with specific messages to each person.
Smart ones!

How do you add geotag on Instagram?

12 - Instagram FAQ - Everything you need to know about Instagram!

That is a new option for Instagram and looks much better than the same options on Facebook and Tweeter.

Using geotags is easy. Start with

Step 1 – Look for an Instagram update and download it
Step 2 – Swipe right on the screen to start a Story
Step 3 – Tap the happy-face icon at the top of the screen.
Step 4 – Choose “Location”
Step 5 – Customize your sticker

Now you know what you need to turn Instagram from a picture sharing app to a money machine.
Do it so that you can sell your products to the right customers and find new ones.

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