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6 guaranteed essentials for buying Facebook video views


  Buy Facebook video Views

It is proven that small businesses do not capitalize on the marketing value that is being offered by Facebook.

Can you guess what content gains the ultimate attention on social media?

Undoubtedly videos because they are more enthralling and easy to absorb.

However, if your lively content is not amazing or your page is not popular enough, your videos will remain unheeded.

How can you alter this?



1.    How are Facebook video views calculated?

2.    Five ways to get more views, engagement, and shares for your videos on Facebook

3.    Facebook video tweaks that could seriously increase your views

4.    Should you purchase Facebook video views?

5.    Pros and cons of buying video views on Facebook

6.    Frequently asked questions about purchasing video views on Facebook



How are Facebook video views calculated?

Undeniably, social video metrics are the most discussible and contestable of all digital metrics.

One of the paramount problems as far as social videos are concerned is the question of what mainly counts as a ’’view’’.

So, before buying instant Facebook video views, let me introduce you how are they calculated!

Buying Facebook Views

Now, Facebook autoplay videos in the News Feed on each user. Consequently, it is crucial for them, coupled with the small amount of time, to be reckoned as a view.

There are plenty of video metrics on hand in the uploaders’ control panels.

Nonetheless, what most advertisers benchmark their implementation against is namely the public ’’views’’ number.

Alas, although all controversies, marketers are still bullish on Facebook videos. So, what are the upshots?

Nowadays, more than two-thirds of advertisers in the US run Facebook video ads.

As a result, it is not surprising that the News feed transformed into a full spreader of viral video content.

But that is not all!

It has mostly formed an utterly new manner of video communication.

Buying Facebook Views

What are across the platform these days are eye-catching, concise, and rapid-moving videos, accounting for the audience engagement.

Among the best and most powerful social video analytics platforms is Mintrics, which permits you to carry out an analysis and benchmark performance.

But how is that works? It is possible via one dashboard disclosing recommendations and insights on increasing formation & distribution in future.

Thus, you can learn the numbers of views for all videos on your Facebook business page for ten and thirty seconds, or the total views as well. What is the profit for your company? It is colossal!

Thanks to this, you will have an improved notion about your audience activity, knowing the correct amount of views on your Facebook page. You can adjust or change your customer approach according to the results until your company succeeds!

A public view on a video is counted with the 97% rule and is 3 seconds or 97% of its overall length.

This count consists of auto-plays, thanks to which there is no indispensability for the viewer to click on a clip for a view to be calculated.

The same style is utilized for Live videos on Facebook. Hence, the total video count here includes users who see it live, and also people who watched the archived version.

As an entrepreneur, it is critical to remember that the uploaders have lots of other manners of discovering the number of people engaged with a particular video. The answer?

Seeing 10-second view counts and why not average completion rates. Is not it unique that Facebook has a rich range of metrics in being to its clip creators? It is substantial to acquaint with them since buying fast Facebook video views requires it.


real Facebook Views

5 ways to get more views, engagement, and shares for your videos on Facebook

It takes two to tango! The same rule applies to Facebook videos on your business page.

A viral clip is not something you can build like constructing a machine.

It occurs when something about it has the power to click with your public immediately.

Now, can you create videos that draw a large number of views, engagements, and shares?

You must be wondering what the key to this is?

Let me walk you through the path of success where you will convert your company into a flourishing and strong business.

Buying Facebook Views

# Buy Facebook video views and shares

What is better than investing money in social media vendors? Paying for such services will helps boost your statuses into people’s News Feeds. It is momentous to cull your public based on demographics, contact information, and behaviors.

And do not worry! There is no need for a hefty budget – the prices of purchased video views in Smmkart start from $1 and shares – $9.80.

Buying Facebook Views

# Observe the rule for the first three seconds

It does not matter if the length of your video is solely 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Instead, what counts in this case are namely the first three seconds.

However, do not misunderstand that I mean the initial seconds of your video! I allude to the first three seconds in which your fan sees your clip and choose if they desire to watch it.

I can almost hear you thinking: ’’I NEED to ensure my lively content is eye-catching and amazing!’’ Therefore, let’s not wasting more time and see these proven tips for captivating the interest in your videos:

  • A fascinating thumbnail
  • Create a tease offering insight on your topic
  • Make sure your video has a powerful beginning

Buying Facebook Views

# Upload captions on your videos

Making your lively content friendly for all users is as critical as buying Facebook video views. How to attain this?

Begin with adding closed captioning at the bottom of your clips. Thus, your business is not estranging anyone, particularly deaf people, those finding it hard to perceive the speaker’s accent. Additionally, this process ensures clarity of your information and so, nothing is lost.

Were you aware that 85 percent of videos on Facebook are watched on mute? Lots of folks watch videos while traveling on a tumultuous train or merely resting at the office. Hence, make sure your potential fans do not skip over your clips.

Buying Facebook Views

# Pick out a preferred public

Another manner to maximize your video engagements is to single out your preferred audience. By conducting this, you improve the probability of your clip turning up on the News Feed of particular folks, based on their interests.

To winnow your preferred public, choose the target icon, go under ’’Preferred Audience,” and select interests relating to the topic of your video.

It is paramount to not make any alterations to the ’’Audience Restrictions,” because this will restrict who can see your status, despite their place in the ‘’Preferred Audience” section.

Buying Facebook Views

# Utilize call to action

Is your objective to receive higher engagement and views rates? Then, do not sit on the fence and merely tell people!

Inculcating a call to action is among the most simple and guaranteed ways to enhance your video views and overall engagement.

What it takes is ’’Tell us what you thought” or ’’Share this with your friends” options that prompt users to comment or share your content. It is a piece of cake to include them at the end of your clips on Facebook.


Buying Facebook Views

Facebook video tweaks that could seriously increase your views

There are unique video tweaks that can magically make your Facebook clips more watchable and thereby help your company stand out from this ferocious online competition. And they come in the nick of time!

Except for buying Facebook video views for $1, here is another profitable manner to increase your views.

The best thing since sliced bread as far as Facebook features are concerned is Facebook’s auto-caption tool.

It is a method for automatically generating and editing captions for your clips. What makes it so valuable is the power to transform your videos into engaging and watchable content in a short amount of time.

Here is how to conduct it by yourself:

  • Go to your clip and click the “Edit Post” option.

real Facebook video views

  • Then upload a .srt file or utilize the “Edit Captions” button, while you are on the Captions menu.

fast Facebook Views

  • Now, you will see a window displaying the captions that are created from Facebook, right along with your video. To finish, all you should do is select one and tap on ’’Save to video.’’


Modifying your videos from widescreen to a square is the second editing tweak boosting your Facebook video’s performance.

Why does this change is obligatory for your business?

If your videos are square, they take up 78 percent more space on the mobile feed of your users than widescreen videos.

The reason for this is the portrait mode in which everyone holds their smartphones.

Let me share with a quick way for you to alter the aspect ratio of your clips using your phone:

  • Go to your video and select ’’Edit’’ button.
  • Click on the three dots icon positioned at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap iMovie for some editing tools while you are in the pop-up menu.
  • To crop your clip, choose the Trim icon which is again at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tug the yellow bars to fix the beginning and end of your content. Now, you will see the length changes.
  • Finally, tap the Play icon to watch your edited video.


Your business page is already lovable.

It possesses viewer-friendly clips for the vast majority of your fans betting on muted videos than sound!


Buying Facebook Views

Should you purchase Facebook video views?

Can you buy Facebook video views? Is it work indeed? These are the most common questions asked by potential Facebook video views purchasers. Let me give you the key to their answers!

Nowadays Facebook transmuted into saturated social media. And the upshots of this are visible. It is increasingly hard to attract new users to your content and gain video views.

As a result, buying Facebook video views has become a prevalent technique of attaining more viewers swiftly and without hardship.

In a nutshell, when purchasing views for your videos, you accelerate the organic, natural growth of your clips.

Videos that possess a higher amount of views are undoubtedly perceived as more attractive by the Facebook audience, and thereby gaining more traffic.

For instance, let’s assume that while skimming through your Facebook, you come across two different alternatives of the same cover of the song:

  • Video 1 has 40,000 views.
  • Video 2 solely only has 400 views.

So, which video are you going to pick out? It is proven that in most cases, Facebook users would bet on Video 1 assuming that it is best just because it has more views.

Here is why buying video views for your Facebook page is substantial as it draws a multitude of future viewers and increases your content’s visibility.


Buy real Facebook Views

Pros and cons of buying video views on Facebook

There are undeniably always two sides to everything, particularly in the controversial “Purchase Facebook video views” market. Let’s dive in and learn all advantages and drawbacks of buying Facebook video views.

The ball is in your court!


  • Get a strong start: 

Why begin at 0 views for your videos when you can start at 40,000 views? This will boost your business popularity and help you attain more traction swiftly. By attracting new fans, your videos will give you a leg up on the rivalry.

  • Reinforce your social proof:

Thanks to your purchased views, when people see the high activity under your clips, they will not hesitate to check them out. Hence, if users like what they see, they will turn into your fans. Here is what social proof means.

  • Efficient marketing:

The more views your videos gain, the more exposure your company will receive for your marketing campaigns. Facebook audiences will be more inclined to watch your content and share it with friends as well.

  • Improve your search rankings:

Your company’s place on Google will inevitably raise when you possess lots of views on your clips.

  • Turn into an authority:

Do you aim at maintaining an irreproachable image? Then, what you need to do is find the best place to buy Facebook video views and make a move! Remember, users, flock to pages with rich attention. Make sure your company has it.

  • Financial injection:

Ultimately, all of these pros guarantee that purchasing video views results in making more money for your business. Consequently, the more attention you draw, the more profits you can earn.



  • Unethical:

Unless you are aware of what you are doing, you should not buy views on Facebook. Besides, it is not preferable to tell everyone about this social media method since not everyone is its fan.

  • Unnatural outcomes:

Although they are insufficient, there are cases in which the views are not looking organic as they come to your page suddenly and sometimes are not accompanied by comments and likes.

  • Scams:

There are scammers in almost every industry who plainly will not live up to their promises on their websites. For instance, they are offering low retention views and poor quality, and withal costing you an arm and a leg. So, what is the solution? Carry out a study and bet on trustworthy supplier such as Smmkart.


Frequently asked questions about purchasing video views on Facebook


How does buying video views on Facebook work?

There are two basic manners to go about it: network views and views. The two types of views are the cheapest and also the riskiest.

You get network views from groups of real users who earn a percentage of the fees by your vendor to check out your clips.

Buying Facebook Views

Is it safe to purchase Facebook video views?

Using Smmkart as a social media services provider is proven to be safe. It is not executing hazardous actions, such as demanding your password and taking control of your Facebook page.

There are meager chances for your company to get banned since you do not possess control over users watching your clips.

Buying Facebook Views

Can I get scammed while purchasing video views on Facebook?

You can get scammed purchasing expired candy, second-hand computers or even real estate! So, yes, this when you are on shopping for Facebook video views just as simple as anything else.

Eschewing such scams is why you should read Smmkart’s reviews! Go read all customers’ testimonials and convince yourself!



Buying Facebook video views has the power to maximize the marketability of your clips on your page. It helps your company boost its potential to reach a vaster audience on social media with unique marketing methods. What makes this strategy so crucial is that it gives your business a new start improving its popularity on Facebook. So, what do you think?

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