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Are you an influencer, struggling to get noticed on Facebook?

Or you run a business and you want to get out there?

Or you simply don’t get what Facebook page likes actually are and how to get them to work for you?


No matter what your current situation is right here is where you will have your questions answered:

  • What is Facebook Fanpage like?
  • How can I get more Facebook Fanpage likes?
  • Tips and tricks for increasing Facebook Fanpage likes?
  • How long does it take?

 And did you know you can buy Facebook likes and followers as well?

All of these and much more – in a few simple paragraphs that will help boost your social media performance, gain popularity and expand your brand organically and paid.



Since the rapid development of social media platforms in recent years, many people have been able to become influencers through the content they share.

Also, it has given the opportunity for firms to reach to more potential clients and advertise their products actively.

Unsurprisingly, answering the need of likes, a business of providing different types of likes has arisen as a successful business.

Why are agencies selling likes?

Well, because there is a high demand for those.

While there are ways of getting likes for free these are likely to be bots or fake accounts. Real facebook likes cost money and is delivered by reputable resellers.

On the organic level, Facebook works quite simply. Someone posts a piece of content using their Facebook account. 

People on their friend’s list see the post and interact with it by liking, commenting and sharing. Liked content is later visible on the news feed of the friends of all people that liked it. In order to reach broader audiences, one you can also invest money in advertising – boosting posts and creating full-on adds.

To do this you will need to create a Facebook Business account where you can create and manage ads.

Buying Facebook Fanpage likes

Why is post engagement so important?

Post engagement is one of the vital metrics you should be tracking as it’s a sign that people actually like your content and also tracks the level of involvement of your audience. Essentially, it’s what makes the social media ‘social’.

High engagement is what builds trust and increases the credibility of your page, business or brand.


How to reach more people on Facebook?

There are several ways you can boost your visibility and acquire more Facebook likes.

real facebook fanpage likes

  • Listen to your audience

Both literally and figuratively. If you notice some types of content are more popular than others, this is a sign you should explore such content further.

real facebook fanpage likes

  • Optimize targeting

Research the engagement your posts deliver – are people from Japan actively interested in a certain topic or do you see graduates from Brown University commenting on that college survival tips like crazy?

Use this data to cater to specified audiences or invest in buying targeted Facebook likes.

real facebook fanpage likes

  • Use appropriate apps

Readily available are a number of apps that can help you get likes for free. Traffup is one such app that is developed specifically to get real traffic for free and to promote your Facebook page and posts. Another option is to use ­auto like apps – these provide free, automatically generated likes, comments, and shares to go to your page or specific posts.

real facebook fanpage likes

  • Spread the word about notifications

Facebook now gives users the option to get notified if a page they have liked adds a post. Urge your followers to allow notification so that they don’t miss new posts!

real facebook fanpage likes

  • Tell the time

It’s no secret people are usually more active at some times of the day and inactive at others, so use this to your advantage!:

1) In your Facebook page’s homepage, go to Insights in the top panel

Buying Facebook Fanpage likes

2) and then tap from the left-side panel Posts

Buying Facebook Fanpage likes

3) The curved line of the chart shows you when your followers are the most active. If you try and post around these times, the chances of your content being more visible increases significantly.

buy Facebook Fanpage likes


How to sell products online?

Facebook provides an easy option for those who want to sell products, without setting up an online store or Etsy.

To start selling things you need a Facebook business page to which you can add the Shop feature.

Facebook offers a wide range of in-app shopping features that you can choose from.

You can either upload your product data and connect a payment platform(PayPal and Stripe are available) directly to Facebook (it’s free) or use a paid e-commerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce (suitable for larger shops and many items).

Once you have chosen your platform, you can go ahead – create the products and link them to your shop.

Be sure to add detailed product information and also your store information to improve usability and credibility.

Once created, the SHOP button will be automatically added to your page’s left panel:

paid Facebook Fanpage likes

Lastly, to attract more people to your Facebook shop, you should promote it.

Use regular and paid content as a primary method of achieving that and keep your audience satisfied by replying to any questions or requests they may have.

Another clever hack is to buy FB likes to appear on those specific shop-related posts.

This will bring credibility to your page as people will see the high engagement and would want to get involved as well.

Facebook like checker and everybody does it

Did you know there is a very easy way to check your page and post stats?

On sites and apps like or you can enter your any link and analysis of the likes and engagement for this particular page or post will come up.

And now for the good stuff – why and how do leading influencers to increase their post likes (because believe us, they do)

  1. Justin Bieber – total followers 78million

buying Facebook Fanpage likes

Usual activity on his posts is around 300-400k likes (yes, even the shirtless one), yet the post featuring his proposal to now-fiancée Hailey Baldwin has gathered more than 1.2 million likes

buying Facebook Fanpage likes

  1. Beyonce – total followers – 63 million

fast Facebook Fanpage likes

Her posts, videos included, usually, gather around 40-60k likes. A changed profile picture (which has one of the lowest format-to-likes ratios in follower behavior) sports the astonishing 454 thousand likes. That is 10 times more!

Safe Facebook Fanpage likes

  1. Eminem – total followers 88 million

free Facebook Fanpage likes

Eminem’s posts catch the attention of 10-20k people regularly and this includes concert pictures, videos, and promos. Yet a blurry, half-selfie somehow has more than 77k likes.

buing Facebook Fanpage likes

  1. Kylie Jenner – total followers – 21 million

buying Facebook Fanpage likes

Jenner’s regular posts are liked by an average of 5-10k people. Her selfies though are another story – 40k.

fast Facebook Fanpage likes

  1. Lady Gaga – total followers – 59 million

buying Facebook Fanpage likes

Gaga’s interviews and other posts are liked by 20-40k on average.  A post featuring some pictures has 115k likes.

buying Facebook Fanpage likes




Shareable content is good content, so if you want to engage more people into what you are posting, create inspiring materials that will provide additional value for your readers or viewers to get Facebook post likes for free.

If they find your post useful and interesting they will share it and so will their friends and so on.

The busy everyday Facebook user wants to gain knowledge fast and to the point, so keep it short and be relevant if you want more people to follow and like your posts.

real facebook fanpage likes

You can also use diverse formats like a carousel to present several products at once. Carousels are amongst the most liked Facebook post formats and they can also bring traffic to your website.

Use the Facebook algorithm to your advantage by creating interesting, quality materials that are inviting but not overly promotional.

Facebook values high quality and if your posts have a good copy, subtle CTAs, and suitable images, chances are it will be prioritized and will surface above other posts in the news feed.

More on how does the Facebook algorithm work as explained by Social Media Examiner.

Using a Facebook coupon app like Wishpond, for example, can generate a lot of real post likes.

Studies have shown that a large percentage of people would follow a brand for gifts or discounts it offers. Offering a % off the price of a certain item in the exchange of liking your post is a good way to go.


Safe Facebook Fanpage likes

How to get more post likes fast?

Your consistent activity on the page is a primary way to gain traction and make your content visible. Using the right images can also help retain the interest of the audience.

A great trick to use is to host a contest or giveaway even so often. Contest gather a lot of interest and the prospect of winning even a small prize is usually enough for people to engage in an activity. Include liking your page or specific post as a condition for entering the giveaway. More often than not, people will keep following you even after the event has ended.

Alternatively, you can ask questions in your posts, as they usually increase interaction.

real facebook fanpage likes

Live videos are becoming the next fastest like a generator and the audience can interact live.

Live streaming is a great way to quickly bring attention to your content.

Purchased Facebook likes and comments can also be added to your post in order to make more visible and trustworthy. While it may seem a bit unfair to some, most renown celebrities and influencers buy likes and it’s not a secret. This is clearly visible through small research as seen above. Purchasing post likes are the way to go if you need a big boost for a certain post or if you want to increase your visibility.


Facebook post likes fast

How to get more Facebook Fanpage likes?

Just as with post likes, page followers can be gathered the organic way – by waiting for people to recognize your business or content and to like it and share it.

Consistency in your posts and regular content is key to attract more likes.

To increase your Facebook page likes, and post likes organically, you can use the Facebook Ads platform to launch ad campaigns specifically targeted towards gaining page likes.

In order to gather more page likes, make sure you share your own page – in blogs, comment sections or any other social media platform and ask people to like it.

It’s a good idea to rely on more images than text in your posts – generally, visuals are the more popular format.

To retain the followers you already have, interact with them regularly – answer questions, respond to DMs and questions, address issues and be thankful for good reviews.

real facebook fanpage likes


Short answer – not that much!

You could expect to pay anywhere between $2 – $4 for a 1000 real post likes. You can also look for package deals and usually buying in bulk costs less – for example here you can get 5000 post likes for $5.

Nice, right?

real facebook fanpage likes


Yes, it is. There is no law prohibiting the purchase of likes and that’s why so many people do it. It’s not something you can be persecuted for.

Buying Facebook post likes is safe and you and your profile are not liable in any way. If you do your research and order from a reliable source, the likes will appear as scheduled and you will be able to reap the fruits of the popularity of your content.

A tell-tale sign of a fake provider is if they only work with very small volumes of likes or if they promise to deliver many likes in an unreasonably short time – remember that the more the likes, the longer it takes for them to appear.

In that sense, 1000 likes should appear in a matter of hours and 10.000 can take up to a few days.

Since it is not against any facebook regulation to acquire likes (more so if you buy real ones) so your account will not be banned on the grounds of buying likes only.

real facebook fanpage likes



  • You can experience a real boost of engagement in a short amount of time.
  • When followers see a higher engagement they will be motivated to interact more.
  • Buying targeted post likes can be very beneficial if you are in a niche or have a certain type of audience.
  • If you already have a good amount of likes, adding a few purchased thousands won’t be suspicious.
  • Buying likes save time in comparison to gathering organic likes only.


  • If you don’t research thoroughly you may end up with no likes or less than what you’ve paid for.
  • But be wary – bots, click farms and fake accounts are easy to spot and using those may hurt your reputation.
  • Buying in bulk can result in acquiring tons of uninterested people who don’t interact with your content further.
  • But if you are just starting, greedy desire for more likes can have long-term consequences for your posts.
  • However, more bought likes may result in the posts being less visible to relevant real users.

With all that being said, buying Facebook post likes is nothing to be afraid of – it is legal, affordable and facebook doesn’t sanction it. Choosing a reputable reseller will give you easy access to expanding your business and popularity, adding up to your efforts in the organic likes front.

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