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Why buying Facebook 5 star ratings is crucial?


Nowadays it is proven that online users spend seconds reviewing the information about a company before deciding to use its services.

Here is something we can both agree on: if your Facebook page is rated as less than 5 stars, this will immediately repel your potential customers.

buy Facebook 5 star ratings




1.    What is the Facebook 5 star ratings and does it work?

2.    How to add this rating on your page?

3.    What can you use it for?

4.    Pros and cons

5.    Can reviews be moderated?

6.    How to get rid of a bad rating on Facebook?

7.    How to buy Facebook 5 star reviews?

8.    Will Facebook block you?


What is the Facebook 5 star rating and does it work?

When people visit your Facebook page or use your services, they usually provide feedback and personal impressions in the form of rating.

That guarantee your potential customers that your company is safe, reliable, and worth investing.

It is a feature with which all your consumers can rate your business or their experience with it.

Also, it includes the ability for users to write a real review.

Therefore, to make this possible and to avoid losing valuable clients, you need to secure your good image by buying ratings on Facebook.

Is it essential for your social media presence?

Absolutely! Even more – it is one of the best ways to increase your overall credibility on Facebook.

This guarantees to boost the awareness of your customers and assisting you as a company owner in your business’s marketing strategy.

The higher ratings your business page gain, the better!

Facebook 5 star ratings

Did you know that Facebook incorporated page star ratings in recommendations, ads, and more?

Now, this is the best thing since sliced bread!

Based on recent research, when firms add this feature next to links and text, it increases CTR approximately 30%.

Smmkart offers to buy Facebook evaluations for pages with a few or bad star ratings.

Like buying Facebook likes, this service also improves your business reputation and gain new viewers and consumers.


buy Facebook 5 star ratings

How to add this rating on your page?

Surprisingly, it is a piece of cake!

What you have to do is select Local Business for your page’s category.

And If it is not already written, to add your company address to the page.

Go at the top of your Facebook page and tap on Edit Page drop-down button and choose Update Page Info option.

Select Category.

Now click on Local Businesses from the dropdown menu and choose a more particular category from the next dropdown menu.

And last but not least – click on Save Changes to finish the action.

paid Facebook 5 star ratings

To add the address of your business to your page’s settings do the following:

Again, go at the top of your Facebook page, tap on Edit Page dropdown button and select Update Page Info option.

Then click on Address and write the full address of your company.

Assure yourself that Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page is already on.

And do not forget to click on Save Changes!


What can you use it for?

Buying Facebook ratings is similar to buying Facebook page likes as both are available solely for Business pages.

That means you cannot give stars to your friends, but you can leave reviews and rate hotels, restaurants, shops, theatres, and cinemas.

It all boils down to this: you can evaluate any establishment with a physical location.

Sounds good, right?

Millions of online users are using this Facebook rating system which is very advantageous to your clients as it allows them to make more reasonable purchasing decisions.

However, it is vital to emphasize that any business page can use the rating system.

Still, it is not available for musician or band pages yet, but if you just add a location the magic will happen!

Location is literally everything as far as Facebook star system is concerned!

You can use this feature if your business page has an address that is recognized by Facebook. Remember that the category of your page should also be “business-related”.


buy Facebook 5 star ratings

Pros and cons 

This evaluating feature on Facebook has its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Let me walk you through the best of both worlds that will help you understand better how it can impact your customers and all business owners!

Facebook 5 star ratings

  • The stars are more substantial than any other component on your business page.

Consequently, you can focus on quality, not quantity.

It is crucial for your future prosperity to attain a high rating in the form of five blue stars on your company page.

Eventually, what you will discover is that ratings are more momentous than buying Facebook likes.

Facebook 5 star ratings

  • If you opt to put your company’s physical location as part of your business details, your page will automatically get the evaluating feature.

As a result, you will benefit from maximizing your sales thanks to high-quality feedbacks on your Facebook page.

Facebook 5 star ratings

  • Having this powerful feature on your company page on Facebook enables you to receive real and honest feedback from your customer base.

Thus, it helps your business in enhancing the quality of services and fosters your user engagement.

In turn, this system also helps your company concentrate on business strategies that are paramount.

Facebook 5 star ratings

  • There is a risk to your company’s rivals, ex-employees or unsatisfied customers post bad reviews to damage your business and reduce your star rating.

Facebook 5 star ratings

  • Remember that when you add this evaluating system all your reviews will be visible on your page timeline without the ability to delete it.

Still, Facebook does not have a review complaint procedure in place.

Therefore, it is best to buy Facebook 5 star rating from Smmkart!

Facebook 5 star ratings

  • Were you aware that the average rating of your business was calculated from all the reviews you’ve ever gained?

Let’s take for instance a shop that hired a surprisingly rude seller.

While he was employed, the store received a multitude of 1-star ratings which expressed his dreadful service given to customers.

This is pernicious for a company’s reputation since the problem arises even after his discharge.

And the upshots of these low ratings are affected average rating for years!


buy Facebook 5 star ratings

Can reviews be moderated?

Unfortunately, once you enable the review section on your Facebook company page it is impossible to moderate the customer’s reviews that you gain.

If you have received a negative review regarding your services you must start reporting each review your business has on its page.

When a particular review has been reported by you the Pages Team on Facebook will examine the content.

It is critical to remind that If your unwanted review does not fall within the official Facebook guidelines of Community Standards it will not be deleted from your company’s page.

The only option you have to remove a bad review is to disable the whole review system by perfectly taking your address off your Facebook business page.

However, I do not recommend it as this action will also delete all positive reviews your company has accumulated over the years.

Here is why buying Facebook comments is preferable in case you want to have more control over your online image.

You cannot disable the comments on your posts, but you have the opportunity to hide or delete them.

This permits you to moderate your posts and comments given by visitors by solely turning on the profanity filter or blocking words on your page.

Also, you can even ban disrespectful users from your company’s Facebook page.


buy Facebook 5 star ratings

How to get rid of bad star rating on Facebook?

Regardless of your best efforts, negative star ratings happen! And they are a great stain on your Facebook business page. You must be thinking what is the solution? Let’s dive in!

Facebook’s evaluating feature is tied into the check-in system.

So, if you turn off the map on your company’s page this will immediately hide your reviews. 

Now your business page on Facebook will no longer have star ratings.

It is worth trying to report a “fake” bad rating to Facebook although you might not get surprising outcomes.

However, remember that you must have a comment left by a certain user to make this possible.

You have also the right to block rude users from your business page.



Another proven option is to use the negative ratings to your benefit and to make your company look amazing. Therefore, make sure you respond to the bad review publicly on your Facebook business page. Ask politely what they want you to do to improve the experience and change their opinion.

If the poster still reacting negatively instead of accepting your suggestion, this is a guarantee that the problem lies with them, not with your company.

So, it is a good idea to consider buying Facebook fans!

real Facebook 5 star ratings

How to buy Facebook 5 star reviews?

Firstly, you should find a trusted website that offers to buy Facebook 5 star ratings. But how to discover which vendor is suitable?

The most effective way is to see the reviews of its buyers. If they are positive and customers are pleased with their service, then it is safe to choose it.

Also, a great advantage is the age of your desired website, so do not forget to check it!

The more experience it has, the better its services will be.

You can easily purchase Facebook rating reviews from Smmkart by selecting “Add to Cart” button and conducting several steps for your payment.

Before that, you have to choose the number of reviews that you need for your business Facebook page. Also, you should enter the link of your company’s page for the future service.


Will Facebook block you? 

Do not worry!

Having bought Facebook 5 star reviews on your business page will never make Facebook block your account.

Even more – it is more likely for them to block inactive pages that lack activities like yours.

Such a good rating of your page will allow you to draw new fans and thereby your company’s page will be highly active.

In turn, Facebook would solely love to have your business page rather than blocking you!



Your company deserves a better quality on Facebook. So do your customers.

But how do you ensure that you obtain excellent quality? By focusing on work and reputation than just asking random users to like your page.

While the first action depends solely on you, to get the best results, buying Facebook 5 star ratings must be conducted by a professional agency specialized in this sphere, such as Smmkart!

Now the ball is in your court – are you ready to revive your business?

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