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Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

  • 100% Safe

  • Quality Followers

  • IG Account Must Be Public

  • Delivery Within 1-2 Days

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Product Description

Instant Same Day Delivery

Buy Instagram Followers Orders are queued up immediately and may begin arriving as quickly as 30 minutes or less! Packages of 20k followers or less will be completed same day with roughly 10k each day after until delivery is complete.

Quality & Safety

There are a lot of sketchy sites out there lying to you claiming that they deliver real followers. While all the accounts have profile pictures, bios and share photos they are not real people. We work with dozens of engineers across the globe to continually deliver the highest quality accounts available in real time.

Why Buying Followers Works

It’s a proven fact that appearing more popular will convert more visitors into real followers. Many people in the community believe it can help you show up on the Search & Explore tab! If you’re going to put the time and energy into running an account, packing posts full of hashtags or even  trading shoutouts, it certainly helps to have a larger follower/following count first.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

What will my new followers look like? Don’t buy spam or fake accounts from the other guys. All of our Instagram profiles have profile pictures, profile bios, and photos on their profile.

When will I receive my followers? Your order is queued up instantly and will begin within the hour. Expect delivery of 2.5k per day, but could be be as much as 10k per day.

Are the accounts real or targeted? Nope. Certainly don’t expect these accounts to like and comment on your posts. They’re simply to make you appear more popular, which in turn boosts the likelyhood of someone following you back.

Do I need to give you my Instagram password? No, definitely not! All we need is your Instagram username. Don’t trust any site that asks for your password or to connect an app!

Will I lose some of the followers? Occassionally Instagram will remove some accounts that don’t follow their Community Guidelines. Sometimes our accounts get flagged, sometimes they don’t. We do our best to avoid this but if it happens within 60 days of your order, drop us a message and we’ll happily refill your followers free of charge.

What’s Next

If you want to grow your account more “organically” consider subscribing to our Daily Instagram Followers service to drip followers in little by little. Our Automatic Likes packages is one of the most popular Smmkart services making you appear to have a much larger and active audience.


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